3250# Pipe Fittings Union Brass fittings

3250# Pipe Fittings Union Brass fittings

Product Features:                                                   Markets:
■■ All brass construction                                            ■■ Industrial
■■ Meets functional requirements of                       ■■ Construction
SAE J530 and SAE J531                                              ■■ Heavy duty truck
■■ Threads made to dryseal standards                    ■■ Mobile
■■ Both forgings and extrusions available              ■■ Factory/process automation

Applications:                                                         Compatible Tubing:
■■ Air Lines                                                                    ■■ Copper
■■ Water Line                                                                ■■ Brass
■■ Cooling Lines                                                           ■■ Iron Pipe

Pressure Range Up to 1000 psi
Temperature Range -65˚ to +250˚F

Typical Application:
Grease,fuels,LP and Natural gas ,refrigertion.instrumentation and hydraulic systems

Meets specifications and standards of ASA,ASME and SAE.

Reference Part No:
3250  - 212P  -  104A  -  104B

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PART# Thread Size C L
3250-A 1/8 15/16 1.19
3250-B 1/4 1-1/16 1.31
3250-C 3/8 1-1/4 1.75
3250-D 1/2 1-9/16 1.79


Pipe fittings and unions are used in a variety of industries such as mechanical, plumbing, industrial, aerospace and process automation.  These products generally have specific applications that require special features and material properties. These pipe fittings are used in many applications including air lines, water lines and cooling lines. For example, the SAE J530 standard is used to specify fittings on both carbon steel and stainless steel tubing designed for use with steam at pressures up to 1000 psi (69 bar), temperatures down to -65˚F (-54˚C) and pressure rating up to 125 psig (861 kpa). The products are designed to fit in place of many other configurations, thereby reducing inventory costs while providing the same high pressure rating. Union fittings provide a simple solution to problems associated with many forms of misalignment, leakage and leakage.



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