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Legines Industrial Machinery Inc. is a professional China PTC COMPOSITE Manufacturers and China PTC COMPOSITE suppliers,our factory which manufacture brass fittings, stainless steel fittings and air brake hose assemblies (AIR BRAKE HOSE ASSEMBLIES). It adopts full CNC machining and has a factory area of 3,600 square meters. 45 automatic machine tools, 35 semi-automatic CNC machines, 3 sets of testing equipment, annual production of various brass fittings,PTC COMPOSITE,stainless steel fittings, air brake hose assembly of 2,500,000 sets / each.
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We provide high quality & qualified brass fittings at reasonable prices.

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We have a professional R&D team can production as customer request.

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We are the professional manufacturer of brass fittings,push on fittings,stainless steel fittings...

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All of our products are passed quality qualifications CE, ISO9001...

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Our annual output is 2,500,000 sets/piece can meet the needs of customers purchases.



We are only 75 kilometers away from Beilun Port and the exit is very convenient.



What is the PTC composite?

PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Composite refers to a type of material that is made up of a combination of different materials. It is characterized by its ability to show a positive temperature coefficient of resistance, meaning that its electrical resistance increases with temperature. PTC composite is a versatile material with a range of applications due to its unique electrical and thermal properties. Its ability to show a positive temperature coefficient of resistance makes it particularly useful in applications where overheating protection and temperature control are important.

This unique property of PTC composite makes it useful in a range of applications, including:

Overheating protection: PTC composites are used in electrical devices and appliances to provide overheating protection. The increase in resistance with temperature helps to limit the flow of current in the event of a fault, which reduces the risk of fire and other hazards.
Thermistor: PTC composites are often used as thermistors, which are temperature-sensitive resistors. They can be used for temperature sensing, temperature control, and thermal protection in a range of devices and systems, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and lighting systems.
Heating elements: PTC composites can be used as heating elements in various applications, such as heating pads, hair dryers, and other portable heating devices. The increase in resistance with temperature ensures that the heating elements do not overheat, which reduces the risk of fire and other hazards.
Power factor correction: PTC composites can be used in power factor correction (PFC) circuits to improve the power factor of electrical loads, such as motors, lighting systems, and power supplies.

The use of PTC composites

In self-regulating heating elements, PTC composites are used to control the amount of current flowing through the heating element. As the temperature of the element increases, its resistance increases, limiting the amount of current flowing through it and preventing overheating. This makes PTC composites a safe and efficient option for heating applications in a variety of industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment.
In over-current protection devices, PTC composites are used to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloading or short-circuits. This helps to prevent damage to the electrical system and to minimize the risk of fire.
PTC composites are also used in other applications, such as temperature sensing, power management, and self-regulating batteries. They are easy to integrate into existing electrical systems, and they offer high reliability and stability in a variety of environments and conditions.