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Legines Industrial Machinery Inc. is a professional China Air Brake Fittings Manufacturers and China D.O.T AIR BRAKE HOSES/ENDS FITTINGS suppliers,our factory which manufacture brass fittings, stainless steel fittings and air brake hose assemblies (AIR BRAKE HOSE ASSEMBLIES). It adopts full CNC machining and has a factory area of 3,600 square meters. 45 automatic machine tools, 35 semi-automatic CNC machines, 3 sets of testing equipment, annual production of various brass fittings, Air Brake Fittings,stainless steel fittings, air brake hose assembly of 2,500,000 sets / each.
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We provide high quality & qualified brass fittings at reasonable prices.

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We have a professional R&D team can production as customer request.

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We are the professional manufacturer of brass fittings,push on fittings,stainless steel fittings...

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All of our products are passed quality qualifications CE, ISO9001...

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Our annual output is 2,500,000 sets/piece can meet the needs of customers purchases.



We are only 75 kilometers away from Beilun Port and the exit is very convenient.



What is the Air brake fittings?

Air brake fittings are the components that connect the various sections of an air brake system. The fittings play a crucial role in the functioning of the system, as they are responsible for connecting the air lines, valves, and other components in a secure and leak-proof manner.
Types of Air Brake Fittings
Elbows: Used to change the direction of the air line.
Tees: Used to connect three sections of the air line.
Couplings: Used to connect two sections of the air line.
Nipples: Used to connect a fitting to an air line.
Unions: Used to separate two sections of the air line for maintenance or replacement.
Materials used in Air Brake Fittings
Air brake fittings are made from various materials including brass, steel, and plastic. Brass fittings are the most commonly used as they are durable, corrosion-resistant, and provide a good seal. Steel fittings are used for high-pressure applications, while plastic fittings are used for lighter-duty applications where corrosion resistance is important.

Introduction of D.O.T. Air Brake Hose/Ends

Air brake hoses and ends are essential components of a vehicle's air brake system. The hoses are used to transfer compressed air from the vehicle's air compressor to the air brake system. The ends of the hose are fitted with fittings that connect to other components in the air brake system, such as the brake chambers and the air tank.
The air brake hoses used in heavy-duty trucks and buses are typically made from a rubber material that is reinforced with a textile braid or wire spiral. This reinforcement gives the hoses the strength and durability needed to handle the high pressure of the compressed air. The fittings on the ends of the hoses are usually made from brass or steel and are designed to resist corrosion and damage from vibration.
It is important to use the correct type of air brake hoses and ends for your vehicle, as using the wrong type can result in leaks, malfunctions, or other problems. When choosing air brake hoses and ends, you should consider factors such as the operating pressure, temperature range, and environment in which the hoses will be used.