3500# Brass Fittngs 90 Degree Elbow pipe Fittings

3500# Brass Fittngs 90 Degree Elbow pipe Fittings

Product Features:                                                   Markets:
■■ All brass construction                                            ■■ Industrial
■■ Meets functional requirements of                       ■■ Construction
SAE J530 and SAE J531                                              ■■ Heavy duty truck
■■ Threads made to dryseal standards                    ■■ Mobile
■■ Both forgings and extrusions available              ■■ Factory/process automation

Applications:                                                         Compatible Tubing:
■■ Air Lines                                                                    ■■ Copper
■■ Water Line                                                                ■■ Brass
■■ Cooling Lines                                                           ■■ Iron Pipe

Pressure Range Up to 1000 psi
Temperature Range -65˚ to +250˚F

Typical Application:
Grease,fuels,LP and Natural gas ,refrigertion.instrumentation and hydraulic systems

Meets specifications and standards of ASA,ASME and SAE.

Reference Part No:
2200P  - 3500 -  302  -  200 -  28001 to 28005  -  100

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PART# Thread Size C D N N
3500-A 1/8×1/8 9/16 .219 .66 .47
3500-B 1/4×1/4 11/16 .315 .91 .72
3500-C 3/8×3/8 13/16 .438 .97 .78
3500-D 1/2×1/2 1" .562 1.25 1.03
3500-E 3/4×3/4 1"-1/4 .750 1.38 1.12

Ref.SAE No.130238

Made from brass, our 90-degree elbows are manufactured to meet the needs of industrial and construction applications. Forged brass is more durable, harder and less likely to bend than extruded products. Our bronze fittings also have better resistance to shock and vibration. We offer both forged and extruded pipe fittings for projects in all industry applications, including air lines, water lines, cooling lines and more. Brass fittings are manufactured with the highest quality standards. From the forging process to threading and end finishing, each stage is checked with precision tools. These fittings meet functional requirements of SAE J530 and SAE J531, while being compatible with SAE standard SAE J514 and ASME B16.21.Our 90 degree elbows are manufactured from high quality brass, providing a strong and durable structure. We offer both factory and truck mounting options with two different barb configurations to accommodate large bore tubing sizes. Whether you're looking for a replacement or want to upgrade your system, Crouse-Hinds can help.



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