68TF  Transmission Fittings Male Connector

68TF Transmission Fittings Male Connector

Product Features:
■■ Brass Body
■■ D.O.T. Approved with Staked in Tube Support
■■ 3/16” & 5/32” Tube sizes
■■ Slotted Sleeve
■■ Nickel Plated Versions Available for Bio-diesel

■■ Heavy Duty Truck

■■ Air Shift Transmissions
■■ Seat Controls
■■ Dash Controls
Compatible Tubing:
■■ SAE J844 Type A & B nylon tubing
Reference Part No:
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PART# Tube Size×Thread C D L
68TF-2-1 1/8×1/16 11/32 .133 .66
68TF-2-2 1/8×1/8 7/16 .133 .78
68TF-5/32-1 5/32×1/16 11/32 .163 .66
68TF-5/32-2 5/32×1/8 7/16 .163 .78

68TF TRANSMISSION FITTINGS MALE CONNECTOR is designed and built to meet the demands of heavy duty truck mechanics, air shift transmissions and seat controls. It is offered in 3/16” & 5/32” tube sizes with a variety of end configurations.
The 68TF is a male quick disconnect fitting designed to fit most standard sizes of nylon tubing and was developed to mate with Raybestos Air Shift Transmissions. It is made from brass and features a precision ground sleeve that offers a smooth and vibration free connection. The 68TF has been approved by the Department of Transportation (#250-734) as meeting all applicable FMVSS as well as SAE J844 Type A, B & C hose couplings.
This is a one-piece male disconnect fitting used to connect tube to male adapter and female adapter. Its body is made of brass and its tube support is staked in with slotted sleeves. It is also nickel plated.



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