1566 Push Fitting Female Connector

1566 Push Fitting Female Connector

design of Sizes 5/32" and above meet D.O.T. FMVSS
571.106 air brake performance specifications. No special tools are
needed to assemble. Just bottom the tubing in the fitting body for a
positive seal. brass tube support in sizes 5/32” and above
assures maximum flow and performance requirements of SAE J1131.
1/8” Prestomatic† is designed for use in pressure proteced air
accessory lines that are isolated from the air brake system.
Use with  SAE J844 type A & B nylon tubing. Designed
for all D.O.T. truck and trailer applications. Consult the factory with any
questions regarding special product applications. Prior to use, all
applications should be carefully tested through the range of conditions
which may be encountered.
■■ All brass body.
■■ Stainless steel tube or brass tube support assures maximum flow and performance
■■ Elbows and tees are available in swivel or rigid dryseal pipe threads.
Swivels are designed for alignment purposes only.
■■Lubricated O-Ring Seal (Buna N) insures a quick, easy and
positive seal.
■■ Innovative Collet design insures positive grip on tubing.
■■ Release Button offers quick and easy disconnections.

Typical Application:
Air systems

Meets  D.O.T FMVSS 571.106 ,CMVSS106 and SAE J1131 Air Brake system Requirements

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Reference Part No:
AQ66DOT  -  66PMT  -  1866  -  DQ66DOT  -  1566DOT

PART# Tube O.D×Male NPTF C L
1566-DOT-4A 1/4×1/8 9/16 1.23
1566-DOT-4B 1/4×1/4 3/4 1.42
1566-DOT-6B 3/8×1/4 3/4 1.30
1566-DOT-6C 3/8×3/8 7/8 1.41
1566-DOT-8C 1/2×3/8 7/8 1.51
1566-DOT-8D 1/2×1/2 1-1/8 1.73