Composite Tee Voss Fittings

Composite Tee Voss Fittings

Composite Tee Voss Fittings 227
Composite DOT-certified push-to-connect fittings are manufactured with a polymer body and brass screw threads and holding mechanisms. They utilize a collet to grip tubing, plus an elastomeric sealing mechanism to complete the tube end seal, allowing for a relatively foolproof assembly with no additional tools other than a tube cutter.The internal push-to-connect sealing mechanism affords a strong and dependable seal robust enough to meet all DOT parameters and to withstand high and low-temperature extremes.

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These copper and composite tee fittings from Voss are designed to handle the toughest commercial applications. Each fitting is listed for both hot and cold water use, and meets all applicable plumbing codes.The Classic Tee range is our most loved and trusted fittings. With its proven track record, it's the perfect choice for high-pressure hydrant installations. The gasket-sealed design provides superior resistance to high water pressures.Made with a combination of copper and stainless steel, these fittings feature a 360-degree continuous flow design that eliminates backflows and water hammer, delivering a dependable supply of clean water. The one-piece construction makes for a seamless installation that reduces potential leaks or damage to the tube and fitting.



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