302 Brass Brake Line Union Fitting

302 Brass Brake Line Union Fitting

Product Features:
■■ All brass construction
■■ UL listed for flammable liquid and gas
■■ Meets functional requirements of SAE J512
■■ Steel nut for economy

Markets:                            Applications:
■■ Air Conditioning          ■■ Refrigerant Lines
■■ Marine                        ■■ Brake Lines
■■ Mobile                        ■■ Fuel Lines
■■ Engines

Compatible Tubing:
■■ Copper
■■ Brass
■■ Aluminum
■■ Welded Steel Hydraulic Tubing

Reference Part No:
302  -  2300  -  42IFHD

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Inv.Flare × Inv.Flare





1/8 13/32 .78



3/16 15/32 .125


302-4 1/4 17/32 .188 .62


5/16 19/32 .219 .70


3/8 3/4 .281 .80
302-8 1/2




*REF.SAE NO.040101 BA

This union fitting is used for all types of applications such as air conditioning lines, refrigerant lines, marine, mobile fuel lines, engines and transmissions. It is composed of brass construction and has a steel nut for economy.
The 302-series brass flexible line union fitting is used to connect sections of tubing with flare. The 302 series is ideal for brake lines, fuel lines, and refrigeration lines. The steel nut is used to secure the line union in place. The 302-series is designed for use with copper and aluminum tubing.
This brass union fitting allows you to quickly and reliably connect sections of tubing. It's made out of brass, which is heat resistant and corrosion-free. It's easy to install, thanks to its Norprene rubber gasket that provides a tight seal between the end fittings, reducing leakages or leaks. The union fitting is compatible with tubing made out of copper, brass or aluminum.
This Union provides a means for the connection of two pieces of tubing. The main body is made of brass with a steel nut for economy. The studded inlet that is threaded into one tube fits in a groove in the body of the union fitting, and swaged onto a brass flare. The second tube goes through an external groove to be securely fastened by an internal pin which may also be placed into its own groove if desired.



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