Air Brake Hose Assemblies Fittings

Air Brake Hose Assemblies Fittings

Applications:Tractor to trailer
Tube:Coiled Nylon Air Brake Tubing
Temperature Range:-70 F +200 F(-57 C to +93 C)

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The Brake Hose Assemblies are the most efficient way to secure your tractor-trailer unit. They provide a quick and effective solution when it comes to reducing brake system maintenance while improving trailer hill climbing capabilities. 
Available standard with a one-piece carbon steel construction, these air brake tubing assemblies are designed to hold a constant line pressure and withstand the most rigorous operating conditions. Applications include hydraulic suspensions, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic drives and other applications requiring pressure or vacuum.
The Air Brake Hose Assemblies Fittings are used with our brake hoses. These fittings come with a swivel nut, steel braided tube and a union. They are made of durable materials for long lasting use.



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