Tips to prolong the service life of rotary joints

Release time: 1970-01-01
Abstract:Sometimes when the rotary joint fails or is damage...
Sometimes when the rotary joint fails or is damaged, the quality of the joint cannot be considered alone, and some negligence in the installation and use process will also cause failure and damage. These will shorten the use time of the rotary joint, so how can we extend it? The use time of the connector and the guarantee of the use effect, let me introduce a few tips to you. The tips are also precautions.

The first is to choose, according to the environment and work to choose the appropriate rotary joint, according to different configurations to choose the appropriate sealing accessories and housing.

Then install the rotary joint correctly according to the regulations. Be careful not to fix the rotary joint too tightly or too deadly. Avoid the springs and seals inside the rotary joint during operation or compensation, which will not achieve the best results, resulting in leakage or use of the rotary joint. The time is shortened, so when installing as much as possible to reserve space for the rotary joint to operate, so as to achieve the best effect, you can also adjust the metal hose or fix the lifting lugs of the rotary joint.

I don’t know if you have paid attention to it. The threads of the rotary joints are also different. Some are left-handed and counterclockwise, called anti-thread, and some are right-handed, also clockwise, called orthodontics; they are installed according to the rotation of the dryer. The drying cylinder with orthodontic teeth is reversed, and the drying cylinder with reverse teeth rotates forward. In order to ensure that the rotary joint will not turn off, it also ensures the safety of the rotary joint and will not cause leakage due to rotation errors.

Finally, do not start and stop intermittently when the equipment is working. In general, the more uninterrupted operation of the rotary joint, the longer the service life. Because the shaft, spherical surface and sealing surface of the rotary joint are all made of metal, when rotating Corrosion will not easily occur, and some rust will be transferred to the sealing surface under shutdown conditions, causing damage to the sealing surface, scratches and leakage; if it is necessary to stop for a period of time, the rotary joint must be disassembled and placed on the sealing surface. Apply butter to avoid rust and corrosion.

We have introduced some precautions from the selection of rotary joints to installation and use. We hope that everyone will be careful in the process of work and use, so as to extend the service life of rotary joints.