Some applications of brass pipe fitting standards and its leaking reason

Release time:2019-05-05

The first analysis is about some applications of brass […]

The first analysis is about some applications of brass pipe fitting standards, as follows:

1. The application of the national standard is narrow, and most manufacturers still produce according to the European standard or the American standard system, which is convenient for the market;

2. Because the American standard system requires the highest tolerance and the highest production cost, there are not many sources available in the market;

3, the so-called European standard pipe fittings in the country do not actually meet the requirements of the standard 100%, mainly reflected in the material and tolerance;

4. Due to the strict implementation of the same standard system, domestic brass pipes and fittings often have quality hazards in practical applications. The problem is concentrated on the reliability and stability of weld quality.

So what is the reason for the brass pipe fittings leaking during use? There are probably three things below:

1. The reason for the material of the brass pipe fittings is mainly reflected in the different materials used in the production of brass pipe fittings at home and abroad, because the foreign standards are excellent in welding performance and corrosion resistance. High strength and other advantages, and the materials used in the country can not achieve this;

2, domestic and foreign problems in the tolerance of the match, in fact, the domestic standards can not be like the foreign standards, the brass pipe fittings may have large errors, then there may be a brass pipe plug can not be inserted into the pipe, Then the integrity and stability of the welded joint will be very poor, which will inevitably lead to water leakage and other phenomena;

3. In the welding process, the excessive fit clearance causes the workers to fail to properly use the brazing process, and instead uses the inferior electrode with poor fluidity to seal the weld by surfacing, which is subject to water pressure fluctuations and heat. Expansion and contraction are prone to water leakage.

Then through the above simple analysis, I believe that you have some simple understanding of the application of the standard of brass pipe fittings and the reasons for the leakage of brass pipe fittings, then there are some situations that can be solved, but some are not easy to solve, so Be sure to pay attention when selecting products.