Installation and maintenance features of rotary joints

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Abstract:Methods of installation and maintenance of rotary ...
Methods of installation and maintenance of rotary joints include:
1. The rotating metal joint should avoid collision or falling during handling and installation, otherwise it is easy to cause internal parts to break;
2. In order to avoid unnecessary downtime and maintenance caused by scratching of the sealing ring and damage to internal components, all core sand, dust, welding slag, metal in the pipe, roller, dryer or cylinder should be removed before installing the joint. shavings and other foreign objects. Special attention should be paid to new equipment, and a slip net must be added if necessary;
3. Try to install the machine concentrically. After installation, the entire rotating metal joint works in a free state within the allowable range, otherwise the sealing ring will be abnormally worn or broken when the joint shakes during operation;
4. Since the friction pair on the sealing surface of the rotating metal joint will generate friction torque during operation, it must be eliminated by installing a rotation stop rod in the rotation stop hole to avoid premature failure of the metal hose due to stress, but the rotation stop and support points should not be used. If the assembly is too tight, the diameter of the rod is generally 2mm smaller than that of the anti-rotation hole, so as not to affect the free adjustment and compensation of the rotating metal joint;

5. The inner tube must be straight and accurate to ensure that it does not sway when the roller rotates, so as to avoid damage to the internal components of the joint, leakage or rupture of the graphite sealing ring;
6. The rotating metal joint should be connected to the pipeline with a stainless steel metal hose, and the metal hose should be of sufficient length. It should not be pulled or compressed to cause the rotating metal joint to move away from the centerline of the roller. The installed metal hose It is better to shake slightly by hand. The metal hose should be directly connected with the swivel metal joint as much as possible, and the pipeline accessories should be used as little as possible to prevent the increase of weight and affect the performance of the swivel metal joint. Appropriate support should be provided for the pipes and accessories connected to the metal hose;
7. During the operation of the rotating metal joint, it is not necessary to provide lubricant for it, but try to avoid the rotating metal joint running in a dry state under the condition of no medium, otherwise it will cause excessive wear of the carbon-graphite sealing ring;
8. When disassembling and replacing the sealing ring, pay attention to protect the parts, especially the sealing surface, do not collide, scratch, or enter foreign objects.
9. If the machine is not used for a long time, it will cause scaling and rusting inside the rotating metal joint. Please note that there may be stuck or dripping when it is used again.
10. The rotating metal joints that circulate the heat medium should gradually heat up to avoid sudden temperature changes.
11. If there is leakage during use, stop using it immediately and prepare for maintenance. It is not allowed to work while sick, so as not to damage other parts.