Factors which affect the price of brass pipes

Release time:2019-05-16

The copper pipe is hard, non-corrosive, and resistant t […]

The copper pipe is hard, non-corrosive, and resistant to high temperatures and high pressures, and can be used in a variety of environments. Compared with this, the disadvantages of many other pipes are obvious. For example, the galvanized steel pipes used in residential buildings in the past are extremely rusty. When the use time is short, there will be problems such as yellowing of water and small water flow. Some materials also have a rapid decrease in strength at high temperatures, which can cause unsafe hazards when used in hot water pipes. The melting point of copper is as high as 1083 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the hot water system is negligible for copper pipes. Archaeologists have discovered copper pipes dating back to 4,500 years ago in the Egyptian pyramids.

The copper pipe has a long history of application in construction. It is recognized as a pipe with excellent performance after more than 100 years of time and practical experience. It is uniquely used as a water supply pipe, gas pipe and heating pipe.

What factors will affect the price of copper pipes?

First, the price of any product must have a good combination and cooperation with the market. That is to say, only the market demand for brass pipe products will increase, and the price of brass pipes will have an opportunity to improve. On the contrary, if the market does not have much demand for brass pipes, however, manufacturers will increase the price of copper inserts. This will not have a market, and the final benefit will be the manufacturer of brass pipes. This is the relationship between supply and demand, which is the fundamental factor affecting price volatility. Brass pipe manufacturer

Second, the cost of copper is also a factor affecting the price of brass pipes. This involves the cost of producing copper. That is to say, the higher the production cost of copper, the higher the market price of brass pipes.

Third, the price fluctuations of international oil will also affect the price of copper, which in turn affects the manufacturing costs of brass pipes, resulting in fluctuations in the market price of brass pipes.

There are still many prices affecting brass pipes, such as the direction of the fund's trading, etc. These will affect the price of brass pipes more or less.