Advantages Of Using Brass Fittings Made Of Copper Vs Those Made Of Brass

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Abstract: Brass fittings have all the above attributes in v...
Brass fittings have all the above attributes in various shapes and sizes to offer high-quality, cost-effective solutions; which make them a perfect choice for a wide range of truck accessories. It is very common to locate brass fittings in the exhaust system, air induction kits, fuel lines, air filter systems, radiator hoses, air tank heads and they all comply with federal and state noise regulations. They can be used in a wide range of applications to provide superior quality. They are strong and can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures as well.
There is a huge range of different types of brass fittings available in the market. However, you should always opt for the right one. The right type of brass fitting will work well in your system. You can also choose from a number of different designs; depending on your application needs. For example, if you require a stainless steel coupling then the best option available for you would be the plastic fittings.
Plastic brass fittings are very durable and they do not get rusted even after long usage. Even in case of extreme weather conditions; the plastic fitting will not get damaged and corrode. Therefore, they are highly useful in an environment where the material will be exposed to extreme conditions or in a water condition. You can even choose to use the same in a hot engine to prevent it from corroding due to extreme heat. Moreover, the material is available in different thicknesses to ensure that it is very light in weight. Another factor which makes it very popular is that it does not react with any form of lubricant and the plastic fitting will always perform in the best possible manner.
As mentioned earlier, the material is resistant to corrosion; thus, it is also ideal for places where the temperature is low. However, this feature makes it unsuitable for use in high pressure areas such as the pipes in the faucets. If you are installing the brass fittings into high pressure pipes, then you should make sure that the joint fitting does not leak. This is because the constant expansion and contraction of the pipe will increase the pressure. If the pipe leaks, the internal areas of the faucet will get contaminated and you will find difficulty in breathing as well.
Due to the resistance to corrosion and resistance to extreme temperatures, the brass fittings are often used in bathrooms and showers. However, in order to install them in bathrooms and showers, you should ensure that the joints between the pipes are sealed properly. In case you are using them in extremely hot temperatures, you should ensure that the water is always heated before using it.
Another advantage offered by the brass fittings made of copper is that they are extremely lightweight. Therefore, you can use them even in high pressure areas such as toilets and showers. However, if you want to reduce their weight, then you can use the ones made of stainless steel. There are different types of stainless steel joints that are available, and you can choose the one that suits your requirements the best.