The use environment and related functions of metal hose joints

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Abstract:1 Type and temperature of the fluid (please select...
1 Type and temperature of the fluid (please select a quick connector suitable for the type and temperature of the body material and sealing material) The suitable body material and sealing material are different depending on the fluid. For example, the quick connector is recommended for air, and it is made of steel. For water, choose brass or stainless steel
2 The structure of automatic opening and closing valve (please select a quick coupling suitable for the valve structure of the piping application) The structure of the valve includes two-way on-off type, one-way on-off type, and two-way open type. So please keep an eye out. Except for the two-way switch type, fluid flows out of the piping during separation.
3. The use environment of the quick connector (please select the quick connector suitable for the structure and material of the use environment) in combination with the humidity conditions of the use environment, the condition of dust, and the use environment such as easy corrosion, to consider the type of quick connector and the material of the body. , sealing material

Introduction of related functions of metal hose joints
Conveying function: conveying, handling and conducting functions of solids such as bolts and nuts.
Connection functions: fishing rods, fixing parts for pocket CDs, connections for mobile work, and uses other than fluid delivery.
Exchange function: accessories for air pressure, hydraulic tools, air cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, and metal mold related machinery.
Maintenance function: the cooling device of the computer, the maintenance of the oil cylinder of the die-casting machine.
Metal hose joint is an important part of wire rod type flexible production system. It is a metal joint for connection. There are 13 types of joints. Each product has ordinary iron joints and chrome-plated joints, which can be selected according to specific needs. !