The nature of the cable connector and its role

Release time: 1970-01-01
Abstract: The so-called cable connector is to connect one o...
The so-called cable connector is to connect one of the cables, connect them with cable connections, so that the line of this one is connected to a huge overall, which acts as a connection. It can be an effective working in the cable.
The material according to the cable connector can be divided into a metal cable connector and a plastic cable joint. However, the metal cable joint can also be divided into a more common cable joints such as anti-folded metal cable joints and porous metal cable waterproof joints, industrial cable connections, double-lock metal cable waterproof joints. It is like a large bridge, connecting the left and right ends, which enables the cable line to pass smooth, and the sealing effect of the cable. Can run safe and reliable. It will not be damaged to ensure the feasibility of the interest.
The cable connector is high for the sealing effect. It must reach the standard for sealing requirements. If its sealing effect is not good, then the oil invasionless cream caused by oil, will also make the underground moisture will also invade Inside the cable, the insulation performance of the cable will be lowered. However, it also has excellent powerless, with better cable, which reduces some of the fault points that are brought in the site.
It uses some of the whole process of my country's factory, and has also adopted domestic advanced crimping process production, which will not be affected by thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, which reduces human factors in a large extent. Some unsafe factors, so cable connections will have strict technical requirements for standards and some super hard inspection requirements, which strictly guarantees that its security system will not be suspected.