Precautions when rotating joints take over

Release time: 1970-01-01
Abstract:In order to ensure the service life of rotary join...
In order to ensure the service life of rotary joints and equipment, do not use hard pipes for all external connections of rotary joints. Use hoses or a combination of soft and hard pipes as much as possible. What are the precautions when taking over? introduce.

First of all, when disassembling the rotary joint to take over, pay attention to zero air pressure in the pipe. After confirmation, loosen the circlip, pull out the trachea, and place it in a clean place to avoid scratches or damage to the outer circumference of the trachea;

Then, when connecting the air pipe of the rotary joint, pay attention to whether the air pipe is right-angled or not. After connecting, pull the pipe to confirm whether the connecting pipe of the rotary joint can be pulled, but pay attention to the pulling force and amplitude not too much; the air pipe should be inserted Inside the joint, push the trachea to the end of the rotary joint to avoid leakage. The specific distance between the seal ring and the end of the rotary joint is used as the standard, and it is advanced according to the actual situation;

Finally, to connect the pipeline, first check whether the connection between the pipeline and the rotary joint is complete, whether the seal at the plug-in place is intact, and check whether the pipeline is clean inside and outside, and there are no debris, foreign objects, etc., to prevent these foreign objects from entering the rotary joint. Scratches and abrasion reduce the service life of the rotary joint; in the process of installation and disassembly, pay attention to protect the sealing surface of the rotary joint to avoid damage, otherwise it will be more troublesome to cause air leakage; when connecting the pipe, ensure the cut surface of the pipe Vertical, no scratches, deformation or other damage to the pipe mouth.