What are the specifications of metal hose joints

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What are the specifications of metal hose joints:

As a kind of pipe fitting products that can often be seen in daily life, the use of metal hose joints can be said to be quite extensive and common. Many people first come into contact with this kind of pipe fittings, they all want to know which specifications can be divided into, so please follow the editor to find out!

In fact, common pipe fittings such as metal hose joints can be divided into many types in terms of specifications. And among these different types of specifications, most of them have a common feature, that is, a component of the hose joint. In general, we often see many hose fittings in our daily lives, but we can find that they are composed of three parts. Therefore, the consistency of this structure also allows hose joints to be widely used in some liquid transportation industries. Generally speaking, one of the more common specifications is pipe fittings with 90 degree elbow joints.


In addition, a commonly used specification is also commonly used in metal hose joints. It is a 45-degree elbow joint. It is worth noting that although these two more common metal pipe products have different specifications, the difference in these degrees does not prevent them from being widely used in many industries.