What are the metal pipe joints commonly used in our daily life?

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Abstract:Thread specification of elbow metal hose joint: In...
Thread specification of elbow metal hose joint: Inch G; Product material: A.C.F part is made of high-quality thickened zinc alloy, B.E part is made of nitrile rubber, D is made of iron sheet; Color: Metal color (white); Temperature: -40°C~+100°C, up to +120°C for a short time; Protection class: IP65

A thread locking type quick metal pipe joint, this new joint has the advantages of simple structure, convenient and fast connection, firm connection, no leakage or pipeline disconnection occurs in the case of vibration, impact or pipeline dragging, etc. It is safe and reliable; and its internal pressure is strong, up to 70 MPa.

The external thread metal hose joint has the advantages of firm connection, strong pressure resistance, good sealing and repeatability, convenient installation and maintenance, and safe and reliable work.

The plug-in quick metal pipe joint is quick and easy to replace, and has good sealing and interchangeability. It is suitable for occasions with small diameter and high pressure.