Process of brass pipes

Release time: 1970-01-01
Abstract:Many people believe that they will not be unfamili...

Many people believe that they will not be unfamiliar with brass pipes. So many people do not fully understand the way to keep brass pipes in the process of using them and the production methods. How can brass pipes be better to be preserved? The small series of the silver-brass trading network gave you a summary of 4 points:

1. Regarding the storage of brass pipes, it is important to select suitable sites and warehouses, and the surrounding environment should be kept dry and ventilated.

2. In the process of depositing brass pipes, it is necessary to adhere to the cleaning of the warehouse. It is also necessary to strengthen the conservation of information.

3. For the registered brass pipe, the packaging and maintenance layer of the maintenance data should be done. Do not damage the appearance of the brass tube, such as scratches, cracks, etc., and pay attention to the integrity of its maintenance layer.

4. Regarding the registration of brass pipes, it is necessary to do reasonable stacking and advanced first release. Ensure the registration order of the brass pipes and the maximum maintenance data is not damaged.

Regarding any equipment, the custody and hosting process is not short, and the brass tubes are the same. In the process of storing brass pipes, it is necessary to ensure the cleaning and boring of the storage environment, and to ensure the ventilation of the site as much as possible.