How to install metal pipe joints

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Abstract:Although metal hoses can be compressed and stretch...
Although metal hoses can be compressed and stretched, if they are not installed in the correct position, they will break quickly and reduce service life.

The hose can be installed horizontally, vertically or obliquely. The most ideal state is vertical installation. At the same time, it should be avoided to be installed near the wheels. If necessary, a baffle can be installed.

Generally, metal hoses can be divided into three lengths: the first is the compression length, that is, the length when the hose is compressed to the limit position; the second is the installation length, which is in the middle position of half of the maximum displacement The length of the hose; the third is the stretch length, the length of the hose when it is stretched to the maximum limit.

When installing the hose, the hose should be in the middle position, which is the so-called installation length. When installed in this position, the hose can have two moving directions when it is subjected to an axial load. Otherwise, if it can only move in one direction, it will affect the strength of the metal hose and reduce its service life.

In the actual installation process, considering that using a ruler to measure the length of the hose according to the calculation result and then installing it may affect the production efficiency, some foreign manufacturers install the ruler directly on the hose, and cut the ruler off after installation.