Filtration of stainless steel joints and separation process of stainless steel pipe joints

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Abstract:There are two filtration methods: stainless steel ...
There are two filtration methods: stainless steel joint separation technology and stainless steel joint filtration technology. Surface filtration is accomplished by impinging solid contaminant particles against the surface of a single plane or hole, or against the base of a channel.

Filtration only occurs at this surface, contaminants do not stay on the surface and pass through the filter media. Surface filtration can effectively collect particles larger than the size of pores, but not fibers and particles smaller than the size of a hair. The fouling capacity of surface filters is limited by the total surface area, which cannot exceed a given profile size. Examples of surface filter media are t-type single-layer mesh filter membranes, cascade scrubbers, wound metal strips, and porous metal plates.

Depth filtration is accomplished by the collision of solid contaminants with continuous (or deep) porous media. Sand is a prime example of a depth filter, which acts to randomly adsorb and retain solid contaminants, filtering not only on the surface of the media, but also across the thickness of the media. Particles move through the matrix, changing direction every now and then along a circuitous route. Depth filters are effective at collecting particles, particles and fibers with the largest pore size and, depending on the type and thickness of filter media, contaminants smaller than the largest pore size.

The amount of contamination per square inch of depth filter surface area is too great because contamination can remain throughout the depth of the material in addition to the filter surface layer. Examples of depth filter media are multilayer cylinders, wire wound cylinders, laminated paper sheets, sintered granular materials, multilayer braids, pressed or woven organic or inorganic fiberboards, laminated prints, metal discs, foams and laminated films .