What problems should be paid attention to when choosing metal joints?

Release time: 1970-01-01
Abstract: Metal hose is widely used in industrial pipelines...
Metal hose is widely used in industrial pipelines, and it is also a high-quality flexible pipeline. It is mainly composed of corrugated pipes, net sleeves and joints. It has the advantages of novel structure, stable performance and high reliability. Below we introduce to everyone the following points should be paid attention to when choosing fast metal joints:
1. The shape and size of the installation
Please determine the type and material of the quick coupling, and specify the assembly shape and size corresponding to the piping characteristics.
2. The use environment of quick hose joints
Consider the type, body material, and sealing material of the quick coupling in consideration of the humidity conditions, dust conditions, and idle corrosion of the use environment.
3. The pressure of the liquid
The pressure of the fluid is also the key to selecting a quick coupling.
4. The structure of the automatic opening and closing valve
For the structure of the valve, there are two-way switch type, one-way switch type and two-way open type.
5. Type and temperature of fluid
According to the fluid, the suitable body material and sealing material are different. It is recommended to be made of steel, or brass or stainless steel if it is water. At the time of separation, except for the two-way switch type, fluid flows out of the piping, so be careful.