What are the uses of transition joints?

Release time: 1970-01-01
Abstract: 1. What are the uses of transition jointsExcessiv...
1. What are the uses of transition joints
Excessive joints are currently used in a wide range of applications. Its main function is to connect two different types of pipelines, especially in the fields of telecommunications and electric power. Its role is evident. For example, when the pipe cannot be bent due to the material, it is necessary to use an excessive joint to connect the two pipes to achieve the bending effect.
2. The precautions for the crossover
In the process of installing the excessive joint, it is necessary to determine whether the diameter of the pipe used is the same as the diameter of the transition joint, and take measures to prevent leakage and corrosion during the installation process. After all, whether the pipeline is used for the protection of cable and optical fiber or the carrying channel for transporting liquids and gases, tightness is a prerequisite that must be considered. At the same time, while ensuring sufficient airtightness, anti-corrosion treatment must be done.
The above is the analysis on the use of excessive joints and the problems that need to be paid attention to when installing. This product is now very popular in the power and communication industries, especially due to the rapid development of new infrastructure, and the market demand for transition joints has increased significantly. Increase, understand these problems, in the future use will avoid many unnecessary troubles.