What are the precautions for different rotary joints

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Abstract: We have to choose different rotary joints accordi...
We have to choose different rotary joints according to the different transmission media and working environment. Now the types of joints are endless. When the rotary joint is in normal operation, we must always pay attention to the problems of concentric coaxiality, vibration, etc., below The following precautions are illustrated through examples of commonly used heat-conducting oil rotary joints, high-pressure rotary joints and high-speed rotary joints.
1. The working temperature of the thermal oil rotary joint can reach 300°, but it also needs to slowly change the negative heat, just like we usually use a glass to receive hot water, if you don’t preheat the glass in advance, pour it all at once Hot water will cause the glass to burst. The same applies to rotary joints, not to mention that the working temperature is above 200°.
2. The pressure of the high-pressure rotary joint can reach hundreds of kilograms, but the increase in pressure also needs to be gradually increased. Blindly one-time high pressure will cause the seal to smash and cause leakage.
3. The high-speed rotary joint can reach hundreds of thousands of revolutions at a working speed, but in the case of high-speed rotation, the equipment cannot be directly reversed. It can be stopped first and then reversed in the state of high-speed rotation, but Long-term rotation and reversal will cause the cowpea of ​​the bearing to become loose, and there is no big reaction at the beginning, but over time, it will cause damage to the bearing.
To understand the characteristics of different rotary joints, it is very necessary to use the rotary joint correctly, and it is also a manifestation of being responsible for the work. It can not only avoid failures, but also extend the use time of the joint.