Precision brass fittings have a bactericidal effect

Release time:2018-11-01

The bactericidal action of precision copper parts can b […]

The bactericidal action of precision copper parts can be explained by the fact that copper causes the bacteria to "suffocate", prevents the bacteria from breathing, and prevents the bacteria from reproducing and destroying its DNA. Experimental tests have found that copper can kill deadly staphylococci and C. difficile, as well as kill dangerous bacteria, including avian influenza and E. coli.

Copper handle sterilization:

According to the results of Japanese scientists' experiments on bacteria from the handrails of public transportation vehicles in Tokyo, there are countless bacteria on the pull rings made of plastic and leather, and copper and lead alloys. There is no bacteria on the pull ring.

Some people like to use beautiful stainless steel door handles because they look clean and reassuring, but this is not the case. The latest research by American scientists shows that thousands of germs can be found on the door handle of stainless steel, including Gram-positive bacteria and negative bacteria, Escherichia coli and Streptococcus.

The researchers performed the same test on the brass door handles, and the results were surprising: the bacteria on the brass handles were much less than the stainless steel handles. Experts conducted repeated experiments to determine the rate of bacterial death on copper. As a result, the bacteria on the brass were all annihilated in 7 hours or less, and on the surface of the newly polished brass, for some bacteria. The "annihilation war" only takes 15 minutes.

Therefore, experts suggest that in order to protect the public health environment, the use of brass door handles should be strongly advocated in public places such as hospitals, shops, airports, and stations. This is because brass can not only kill bacteria, but also cheap, so that it can be guaranteed. Hygiene in public places. The bactericidal action of copper is widely used in people's lives.

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