Introduction to compressor fittings standards and material standards

Release time:2019-04-13

The compressor fittings standard is mainly based on rec […]

The compressor fittings standard is mainly based on reciprocating piston compressor fittings. There are fewer standard parts of other models, and there are a total of 23 parts, which can be roughly classified into the cylinder and shaft pin diameter series of piston compressors; the connecting rod big head tile and small head Bushing series size and requirements; piston compressor sheet metal flat packing and piston ring standard; annular valve and mesh valve size and technical requirements; gas storage tank standard; general piston air compressor fittings manufacturing technical requirements; Air compressor fittings screw rotor series parameters and dimensions; dryer standard; oiler standard.

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Most of these component standards specify series parameters or installation size requirements, as well as recommended manufacturing process requirements, which can be used for design and production guidance.

The requirements for grades and grades of grey iron parts, forgings and ductile iron parts of compressor fittings and the quality of parts blanks or semi-finished products are specified. In addition, the oil standards for compressors and the steel sheet materials developed by petrochemical systems and compressor fittings metallurgical systems are also widely used in the industry.