Introduction of rotary joints in various industries

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Abstract: With the continuous improvement of our mechanica...
With the continuous improvement of our mechanical level, rotary joints have been widely used in various application fields. Here we will introduce the application fields of rotary joints in detail. The detailed applications are as follows:
1. Rotary joints are also often used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For example, some cylindrical and similar drum-shaped truncated dryers must be connected by rotary joints;
2. The application of rotary joints in the printing industry is also widely, mainly reflected in rotary offset and layered drying equipment, mixers, etc., gravure printing machines;
3. The applications of rotary joints in the machinery manufacturing industry include: hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses, screw presses for cooling, pneumatic-hydraulic related equipment and gripping devices, gripping devices, flexible hoses, and reducing equipment;
4. Kneader, food drying equipment, bleeder, rolling crushing and destroying equipment, rotary drying equipment;
5. The main uses of rotary joints in the paper industry are: some paper processing equipment, such as drying cylinders, balls, coating machines, calenders, etc. of paper machines:

6. The rubber and plastic industries are also indispensable for rotary joints. The most common ones are calenders, screw extruders, mixers, kneaders, rotary and laminators, rubber drum automatic vulcanizers and flat vulcanizers, etc. Forming machine, internal mixer, foaming machine, sheet making machine, open mill, dryer, varnished cloth machine, varnished paper machine, etc.:
Seven, electrical industry: double water internal cooling generator rotor cooling, wire and cable processing equipment;
8. Application of rotary joint in building materials industry: plastic wallpaper processing equipment, test equipment, embossing machine, printing machine, wood processing hot press and groove bottom printing machine.
The continuous improvement of rotary joint production technology and the refinement of production technology have made it widely used in all walks of life, and its development prospects are optimistic by people. Processing equipment for cork products. Plate making machine for asbestos products.