Installation knowledge and routine maintenance of metal joints

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Abstract:It is recommended to use the tolerance fit of H8/e...
It is recommended to use the tolerance fit of H8/e7 for the fit between the inner tube and the fitting of the internal screw metal fitting.
1. In the assembly of the inner tube, pay attention to the matching of size and the auxiliary support of weight.
2. The support and anti-rotation of the rotary joint should be appropriate. Generally, the diameter of the rod should be 2mm smaller than the anti-rotation hole, so as not to affect the free adjustment and compensation of the rotary joint.
3. The connection between the rotary joint and the pipeline must be connected by a hose (our company recommends using a metal hose with good disturbance), and rigid connection is absolutely prohibited.

2. Install the machine concentrically as much as possible to ensure the good operation of the rotary joint. Various connection methods for connecting the rotary joint to the equipment (customers can set various types of connection methods according to the detailed structure of the equipment used for daily maintenance. In order to reduce the auxiliary weight of the joint and prolong the service life.
4. When installing a threaded rotary joint, pay attention to whether the thread direction of the inner and outer pipes corresponds to the rotation direction of the drum, and the thread rotation direction of the inner and outer pipes should also be the same.
5. During handling and storage, the rotary joint should avoid impact and falling, so as not to damage the interface and internal parts.
6. The inlet and outlet of the rotary joint should be directly connected with the metal joint as much as possible.