Reducer pipe production process

Release time: 1970-01-01
Abstract:The manufacturing process of the heart-reducing pi...

The manufacturing process of the heart-reducing pipe is the simplest, and a thick-walled pipe is used as a blank, and a one-port diameter or a pipe having an equal wall thickness is used as a blank, and one port diameter can be reduced. Regardless of the flared or reduced diameter reducer, it is generally pressed with a mold. At present, the eccentric die is widely used in China to suppress the 12Cr1MoV alloy reducer.

The eccentric reducer of the third grade or above produced by this process will produce serious gaps at the eccentric end of the small head, and the inner wall will be tumor and wall thickness. Uneven and elliptical phenomena. When the eccentric reducer is replaced by the structure obtained by the truncated concentric reducer, since the oblique cross section is not a round surface but an elliptical surface, there is a problem that the end face and the straight pipe are misaligned and cannot be completely connected. If a new pressing process is adopted, the concentric reducer is first pressed with a concentric mold, and the pressed concentric reducer is placed in an eccentric die to press the shape into a desired eccentric reducer, then the inside and outside. Smooth surface A234 WP12 reducer, flat head, uniform wall thickness, roundness, less raw materials