Correct use of rotary joint

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Abstract:1.If the shutdown time exceeds 72 hours, before re...
1.If the shutdown time exceeds 72 hours, before restarting the machine, drip lubricating oil around the sealing surface of the joint between the moving ring and the graphite ring (to prevent damage to the graphite ring due to the bonding of the two parts). If the machine is not used for a long time, the rotary joint seal will be rusted and damaged, and if it is reused, it will be stuck or leaked.

2. The inlet and outlet of the swivel joint must be connected with a hose and have sufficient length.

3. The pipes and the inside of the rollers should be kept clean. New machines often cause abnormal damage to the rotary joint due to the internal uncleanness.

4. The threads of the rotary shaft of the rotary joint and the fixed inner pipe are divided into left-handed and right-handed. The rollers turn clockwise, using a left-hand threaded swivel, and vice versa. The rotary shaft of the rotary joint is a right-hand thread, and the thread for fixing the inner pipe is also right-hand, and vice versa.

5. During the handling and installation of the rotary joint, collisions should be avoided, and knocking is strictly prohibited, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the internal parts.

6. In the state of no media introduction, long-term operation should be avoided.

7. The rotary joint should be in a suspended state when working.