Aside from hose barbs there are other useful plumbing accessories

Release time: 1970-01-01
Abstract:Hose barb fittings, also called hose extensions or...

Hose barb fittings, also called hose extensions or hose barbs, are threaded fittings that connect pipes of different sizes with semi-permeable fittings. They are most commonly used for hot water, steam and mineral lines. The fittings are available in different diameters and threading options, depending on the application. They can be easily molded to precise diameter needs of the project, while retaining its flexibility to serve multiple purposes. They are often used to attach laundry hampers and clothes dryers in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Hose barbs are available in two varieties: threaded and Teflon coated. Threaded varieties are more expensive than Teflon coated models. The difference lies in the material used to coat the threads - Teflon coated hose are made from inexpensive plastic while the former is coated with polyethylene. The reason behind this is the material enables the fitting to withstand wear and tear due to constant exposure to pressure. The advantage is that the coating does not deteriorate with constant use of the tubing.

Aside from hose barbs there are other useful plumbing accessories which you can consider for your home. Decorative caps for water heaters are a popular choice. You can also try out other accessories such as valves and couplings, if you want to control the flow of the water from the shower or bath tub. You can even get one that can be used as a pipe coupler for constructing faucets. There are many types of pipes that can be used as coupling items. For example, a coupling for a double sink bathroom will be different from the one for a single bathroom.