How to district the tubing joint and the master seat

Release time: 1970-01-01
Abstract: In life, we will find that the two ends of the jo...
In life, we will find that the two ends of the joint are different. In fact, professional people refer to these two middle connections, and the tubing joints are also divided into two kinds of men, in connection. At the time, you need to pay attention to the difference between these two joints, then how the tubing joint is the branch and the master, see what the experts say?
First, how to district the tubing joints and the master seat
In general, both connectors of the tubing have both of the mandrels and the female seat. If one of the joints is high, it is generally public. If one of the jacks is depressed, it is generally Female.
Second, the benefits of this design
The settings such that the connector simplifies the assembly process of the electronic product, and simplifies the entire process of mass production. Moreover, when an abnormality is abnormal, or if there is no need to use or fail, it can quickly replace the components that have been lost. As the technology continues to upgrade, the components of the connector can also be updated at any time, which is also very convenient to use the new components to replace the previous old parts. Using the connector using engineers When designing, there is also a new product, and some multi-components can be used to form a new system, which increases the overall flexibility.
In fact, how the tubing joint is still very simple, as long as you read the above article, you will be able to read the above article carefully. If there is some problems that cannot be resolved during the installation process, it is recommended to consult a regular manufacturer or an expert.