Learn how to identify waterproof connections its sealing

Release time: 1970-01-01
Abstract: Waterproof joints We understand what kind of join...
Waterproof joints We understand what kind of joint it will be understood according to the literal meaning. Cable Waterproof connector It is in fact that safely and stable cable connections can also be supplied under water. For example, the LED roadway lights I use now have a ship and industrial equipped with sprinklers, such as the sprinklers, and the facilities that are dealing with those who have to have a waterproof connector.
Now that the type and model of the waterproof joints sold in our market, how much is it really good? Especially with a very tough seal and safe Chengdu's 100% waterproof joint can be said to be less in my country's market. Today's unscrupulous manufacturers have too much business, causing many customers to no longer believe in this product. A good bad key for a waterproof joint is that it is good or bad, but how to understand the sealing of waterproof connections?
First of all, I want to know that the waterproof joint has a waterproof level that will reach the IP68. It is to put the waterproof connector into the water of ten meters. It is possible to operate normally two weeks; then put it in the depth of the water. Damage detection 12 hours or so, if it is flammable to maintain its own excellentness, it is the condition of IP68. The most important determination condition for the waterproof joint is now based on IP waterproof rules. If you want to know how the waterproof connector is to see the two ** numbers of ip **, the first * usually 0 to 6, the best quality is 6; the second * usually 0 to 8, the best quality is 8; in this promotion, the best standard for waterproof joints is IP68.