How to choose a quick connector?

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Abstract:1. The type and temperature of the fluid (please s...
1. The type and temperature of the fluid (please select the quick connector of the body material and the sealing material suitable for the type and temperature of the fluid)
Depending on the fluid, the suitable body material and seal material are different. For example, quick connectors are air. Steel is recommended, and brass or stainless steel is recommended for water.
2. The pressure of the liquid (please select a quick connector suitable for the pressure resistance of the fluid pressure)
The pressure of the fluid is also the key to selecting a quick connector. The quick connector for hydraulic pressure is 5.0Mpa(51kgf/cm²)-68.6Mpa(700kgf/cm²) to form a series, corresponding to the pressure resistance characteristics, the structure of the quick connector is also different.

3. The structure of the automatic opening and closing valve (please select the quick connector of the valve structure suitable for the piping application)
For the structure of the valve, there are two-way on-off type, one-way on-off type and two-way open type. due to the
Except for the two-way switch type, fluid flows out of the piping during separation.
4. The use environment of the quick hose connector (please select the quick connector of the structure and material suitable for the use environment)
The type, body material, and sealing material of the quick connector should be considered in consideration of the humidity conditions, dust conditions, and the use environment that is easy to corrode.​​
5. The shape and size of the installation (please order the product after confirming the final shape and size)
Please determine the type and material of the quick connector, and specify the fitting shape and size corresponding to the piping characteristics. Note that dimensions are relative to fluid flow.