How to judge the quality of metal hose

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Abstract: With the development of society, the value of met...
With the development of society, the value of metal hoses is getting higher and higher. In many cases, inexperienced consumers will be entrapped by profiteers in the market. When shopping, there is no discount for a penny, and the products they buy still appear. For more serious quality problems, in fact, we must pay attention to the quality of the metal hose before choosing.
We can judge its quality by the following methods. First of all, you can fold the product in your hand with enough effort to see if its appearance will change significantly. People who understand its nature are all Knowing that this product has a very strong bending ability, even if we fold its two ends together, after we let go, it can instantly return to its original shape without being affected in any way, so we can pass This method judges its bending ability.
Of course, there are still many people who are concerned about the strength of the metal hose. What we need to do is very simple. Before buying, you only need to use your nails to gently draw a stroke on the product. You can control the strength by yourself. When there are no scratches, the strength of such a product is still acceptable. This is also an important method for us to judge the quality of metal hoses, and we need to master it.