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Abstract: The ancients used the principle of friction and h...
The ancients used the principle of friction and heat generation to study drilling wood for fire, which is also a big step in human civilization. The rotary joint will definitely generate heat during high-speed rotation, but if the temperature is very high, it will cause attention. Let’s today To analyze the specific reasons.
The sealing surface of the rotary joint fits well, but the smoothness of the shaft head is not enough. When it rubs with the graphite sealing ring, the high temperature can not be emitted in time. At this time, the housing of the rotary joint will be hot. The editor recommends that you install the shaft head. Silicon carbide seal ring is used to reduce the friction between the shaft head and the seal ring; the heating of the rotary joint bearing has a great relationship with the two bearings not being spaced apart. The joint operation process is red, and the two bearings are out of synchronization due to some external forces. Although the number of turns is the same, but one of them has resistance to passively follow the rotation, then the friction of the two bearings generates heat, and the heat cannot be dissipated in time, and the shell will eventually feel very hot; there is another situation That is, there is friction between the rotary joint bearing and the housing. Some bearings are not flexible, and the entire bearing is rotated by the shaft. The ball of the bearing should have been rotated. Now it becomes the bearing that rotates and rubs the housing. The heat generated can be imagined. However, it can be seen that it is very important to choose the bearing to avoid the phenomenon of inflexible joint rotation or bearing jam due to the quality of the bearing.
There is another situation that cannot be ignored, that is, the spring of the rotary joint is too tight, which causes the shell to become hot. Everyone knows that the sealing structure of the rotary joint relies on the spring to push the sealing ring to produce a seal. If the spring is not strong enough, it will leak. Strong force will also cause inflexible rotation, the seal will be quickly worn out by the shaft head, and heat will be generated due to the inflexible rotation, which will be transmitted to the rotary joint housing, and the housing will feel hot.